Life Transition

Career change, ending or starting a new relationship, having your first child, children leaving home, moving, etc. Life is full of changes. Sometimes an event in life may leave you feel out of sorts, even anxious or depressed. You may also start to re-evaluate your sense of being and your meaning of life. We assist you with ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) to move to your valued life.

Relationship Issues

Feeling awkward with interacting with others? Having difficulty in intimate relationships? Having conflicts with your family? Relationship issues can seriously affect your quality of life. We help you to understand yourself more, to change unworkable patterns in your relationship, to learn skills to communicate and connect with others  so that you will have a more satisfying relationship.

Chronic Health Issues

After you have a diagnosis of a serious illness, you life is no longer the same. Frustration, uncertainty, sadness, you may experience anxiety and depression.  Or as a care giver, you may feel burned out by the overwhelming responsibility of care giving. We help you to manage your feelings, to reduce your stress and to improve your quality of life despite your illnesses.


Are you a new immigrant? Finding it challenging to settle in a different country and culture? You may feel nostalgia about the past and anxious about the future. There are many adjustments you need to make and it is hard to feel at home. We are here to help you to make a smoother transition and adapt and thrive in your new home.

Grief and Loss

Whether it is a family member passing, the loss of a pet, or the shattering of a dream, we go through similar process of grieving. The feeling can be overwhelming. We are here to help you process these feelings, to support you through the process and assist you to move on to your valued life.

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